Get your Drone registered to avoid penalty!

The Beginning..

Large number of Indian Startups leaning towards Drones as an enabler to their business. Sooner than later we can see our visible sky full of Drones flying for deliveries, agriculture and all other services. Given the enthusiasm in this sector, Government introduced a regulation to monitor, control and regulate the Drone to enable a safe ecosystem in 2018.

The regulation was introduced through a Civil Aviation Requirement (‘CAR’). For CAR, Government has introduced a fully digital platform for national unmanned traffic management (UTM), that implements “no permission, no take-off” (‘NPNT”) procedure.  So to say, any Drone owner who intends to operate a Drone in India, would be required to seek a registration with the Government.  In the absence of such digital permit, flying of Drones is considered as illegal and also attracts penalties. 

What has happened now?

After this 2018 notification, the Government has further issued a public notification on 13th January, 2020 emphasising that there are many Drone owners who have not registered themselves but are operating such Drones.

In order to facilitate and regulate such non-compliance, the Government has come up with a one-time voluntary disclosure opportunity.  Drone owners should submit the information by 31st January, 2020 on

On successful registration, a Drone Acknowledgement Number (DAN) and Ownership Acknowledgement Number (OAN) will be issued.  Obtaining DAN/ OAN is not conclusive for operating Drones and the owners shall be required to comply with the CAR requirements strictly.

Steps for registration of Drone:

  1. Visit and click on “Go to Drone Enlistment Site”
  2. Click on “Enlist my Drone”
  3. Fill the form

The Government website also provides certain specific guidelines for filling the form.  It is advisable to read the instructions clearly before filling the form.

  • Enlisting of drones should happen before 5 PM on Friday 31 Jan 2020
  • All unmanned aircraft should be enlisted. These include models, prototypes, toys, RC aircraft, autonomous and remotely piloted aircraft systems etc.
  • As discussed above, drone enlistment form has two parts:
    • After uploading the drone owner’s information, the owner will receive an Ownership Acknowledgement Number (OAN).
    • Using the OAN, the owner will upload drone-related information and will receive Drone Acknowledgement Number (DAN).
  • Drone owner may have multiple drones, therefore OAN will be common for the Drone owner.  Owner can use same OAN to enlist all drones owned by him.  Government will issue separate DAN for each Drone.
  • Ownership of a Drone in India without a valid OAN and DAN shall invite penal action as per applicable laws.
  • For registration, following information should be handy:
    • Scanned copy of Passport’s first and last page (in one sheet) OR Aadhaar card’s front and back view (in one sheet).
    • Three high quality pictures of drone: front-view, top-view; and a close-up view of the manufacturer’s serial number. Each picture should have a physical measuring-scale placed adjacent to the drone in order to provide a reasonable approximation of its dimensions.
    • Copy of any utility bill (Electricity, water, gas, fixed line telephone or mobile phone) or a bank statement not older than 3 months. In case you use the bank statement, you may black out the financial details on the bank statement.
    • Copy of the highest educational qualification (required ONLY for individual owners).
    • PAN card of organisation (NOT required for individual owners).
    • Letter on official letterhead certifying appointment of Authorised Signatory (NOT required for individual owners).
  • Kindly note that there is no ‘Save and fill later’ option in the form. You may have to complete the form in one go.

Please enrol your Drones as early as possible to avoid last minute rush.

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