Detailed Process for Copyright Registration in India

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Copyright is characterized as a legitimate right of the proprietor of protected innovation. It is a restrictive right of the first maker to imitate the work. Copyright gives selective power to the maker of the primary document to further produce for a given period. Here, we will discuss the Copyright Registration in India.

Copyright is a selective right allowed by the law to literary, artistic, musical or dramatic works and to filmmakers too. It additionally incorporates right identified with propagation, correspondence to general society, interpretation of work. It gives shields to the creator to their manifestations, accordingly securing their innovativeness.

The process for registering copyright involves the following steps

Step 1: The copyright registration application must be documented in the concerned structures with the Copyright Registrar, referencing the points of interest of the work.

Contingent upon the sort of work, separate copyright applications may be recorded. You will likewise need to send us three duplicates of your work and a couple of marked reports, including an authorization letter. On the off chance that the work is unpublished, two copies of the records can be sent, where one copy will be sent back to the candidate with seal and the other will be held classified with the Copyright Office. Candidates can likewise send just the concentrates of the original copy rather than the total unpublished duplicate.

Step 2: The forms must be appropriately signed by the candidate, and the application must be put together by the Advocate under whose name Power of Attorney has been executed. After this, specialists set up the copyright registration application and present the essential structures with the Registrar of Copyrights electronically.

Step 3: Once the application is submitted on the web, you will be given the Diary number.

Step 4: There is a holding up time of 30 days inside which the Copyright Examiner surveys the application for potential inconsistencies and /or complaints.

Step 5: If difference and or complaints are discovered, inconsistency notice will be coursed and similar needs to have gone along inside 30 days from the date of issuance of the report.

Step 6: Once the difference has been removed or if there are no errors or complaints with the application, the copyright will be enrolled, and the Copyright Office will give the Extracts of Register of Copyrights (ROC) which is only the Registration Certificate. On completion of the copyright application, you will get a journal number. Enrollment will take a year from this day.

Documents required for Copyright Registration in India 

Individual details

  1. Name, Address, and Nationality of the Applicant
  2. Name, address, and nationality of the creator of the work
  3. Nature of the candidate’s enthusiasm for the copyright – regardless of whether the candidate is the creator of the work or the delegate of the creator
  4. Duplicates of the first work
  5. ID confirmation of the proprietor and Incorporation evidence if it is for business

Nature of the Work

  1. Class and Description of the Work
  2. Title of the Work
  3. Language of the Work
  4. Date of Publication – Publication in inside magazines, similar to an organization magazine or an exploration paper submitted to a teacher doesn’t consider production.


Copyright Registration has got several benefits and proprietors must get the Copyright registration so that their business remains safe and secure. In the case of copyright infringement, the authors can sue the infringers to secure their work and claim statutory damages. Today, numerous online portals are available in the market which offers online Copyright Registration in India that too at minimal and cheap rates.

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